Our Services

East Coast Kit Services. We love to find simple solutions to complex challenges.


Working within your requirements we’re able to offer full prototyping of basically any design you would like placed on a garment. Digital renderings will be created to help realise your ideas and samples can be organised in advance so you can be completely sure you will be happy with the final product. In the past we have designed and worked up concepts for hundreds of clients who need anything from a couple of jackets to thousands of one item.


Working with our partners provides us with simply the best production services when customizing any item of clothing. We use the same printers they do when customizing an item. This is the classic place for customization to fall down and its where experience counts. Using the wrong printing technique on technical clothing will at best result in a lower quality final product and at worse cause branding to peel off or damage the final product. Before sending anything out to you we will inspect every customization to make sure it meets with our expectations.

Event Management

We have over the last 10 years been responsible for event management for two international classes (18 foot skiffs and 49er’s). Delivering events is challenging and time consuming. We’re happy to offer a professional and affordable event management service for our sailing clients, including but not limited to, racing events, socials and fundraisers.


This really takes two forms for East Coast Kit. We have our own team of sailing athletes and we’re always happy to hear from anyone seeking sponsorship (please send an email to info@eastcoastkit.com). Creativity counts when it comes to the athletes we support so please think about that when writing to us. Also keep in mind while results are important personality and originality count for just as much. Finally we know how hard it is to find sponsorship. We have sent hundreds of emails to potential sponsors, countless proposals and been in a number of board rooms negotiating support for our own sailing and events. With our experience and connections in the marine world we are also able to help your team find sponsorship. We offer extremely competitive rates for this service and would be delighted to hear from you regarding your team and what you’re trying to achieve.